From the book ‘Whole Bible Christianity.’

There is no church in the Bible. Yep, I know, I’m going to get some heat for this, but it’s true. Not a single one of the denominations, organizations, or clubs, Catholic or Protestant, that exist now, are mentioned anywhere. Every group calling itself a ‘church’ (or synagogue) uses the name trying to get biblical recognition and authority. The truth is that any group of people doing what God says is part of His One Body. Those who don’t are not.

It’s important to get your mind around this idea, because many churches (and synagogues) have usurped God’s authority, and have led people down a primrose path to a destination different than what He wants. Most churches are not living the new covenant, though they represent themselves as if they are. Some good has been done in the churches, but the main claim to fame for most churches is making more churches. “We’re important because there are a lot of us” seems to be the sentiment. Understand, I am not speaking of the many individuals who manage to find and teach God, who behave in many ways as He would want. But when people get together in a group, frequently the focus changes from the Bible to “the church.” We have to decide – are we going to defend our club, or cling to God?

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