Question of Proof

What would you tell someone who tells you that the laws (such as circumcision) don’t apply to “all the nations” that some laws apply to only those of Jewish blood. That they want Biblical proof that the laws apply to gentiles as well? What are the first verses that come to you, or what do you look up first when you want to discuss that opposite view or opinion? Do you believe yourself that as a gentile our friends are not sinning when they don’t keep the law? Is it not necessary to keep the laws if you are a gentile (you can do it if you’d like to live the fulfillment of God’s word, but it’s not really necessary to do so)? Many questions. Let’s bounce some answers!

Blog with Us

Hi Whole Bibler’s. We did not start the Whole Bible FB page solely to promote ourselves We did it to connect, to reach people, we want people to know and understand the fullness of God’s Word – which means putting obedience into practice as well. Any way – with that in mind we want to encourage people to use this page as more than just commenting on what we post – but sharing progress, encouragements and asking questions if you have them. Just like a message group site – we are more than happy to answer questions, or post them for others to bounce and share understandings and new learnings. If you don’t want to post your question, message us and we can present the question so that it doesn’t have to be broadcast who asked. We can make this page anything we want so lets do that!