Just got done making a Scripture index for the book Whole Bible Christianity. Over 1,300 entries covering maybe three thousand or more different verses. There’s a little duplication between references and quotes, but every book of the Bible is included and over 800 verses are fully quoted.


It took probably 10 or 12 hours to put it together, because each reference had to have it’s own mark and it took a little while to figure out how I was going to format it. I am amazed at how interconnected much of the Bible is with God’s Law and its applicability to almost any subject. How could I have missed it for so many years? Probably because of the near universal attempts to blind, misdirect, distract, and outright bamboozle anyone who shows the slightest interest in what is plainly taught on every page. With a little of my own hard-heartedness thrown in which contributed to my blindness I guess.


It’s also amazing how fiercely people (especially church people) fight against something that is so obvious and has so much support from every corner of God’s Word. And why? For not much more than a few diet tips, some holidays, avoiding sexual immorality and making sure we don’t step in what is unclean? That’s it? Well no, that’s not it. The real problem is the objective, absolute standard. That’s what really freaks people out. We’d rather eat from the tree of knowledge and pursue our own course than admit we need to turn around and live by every word out of the mouth of God.


Taken together, every quote or reference in Whole Bible Christianity shows an overwhelmingly beautiful picture of God’s living oracles, and the many blessings waiting to fall into the laps of every believer, pressed down and overflowing. All it takes is humility to kneel before the King and give Him back just a little of what He has given us.


Consider helping us in our quest to get Whole Bible Christianity published. Read a draft manuscript at http://www.wholebible.com/Whole_Bible_Christianity.htm if you want and give us your comments. The next step is to buy ISBN numbers (about $300.00) and publish it to Kindle. If we can get some traction there then maybe we can get a publisher interested. Or we could just bypass the publishers and self-publish, but that will take anywhere from $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 depending on how many copies we want to order right off the bat. Well also need to do some traveling and speaking to promote it. If you would like to help, go to our Contact page at http://www.wholebible.com/contact.htm for information on how to get in touch. Thanks for staying up with Whole Bible and for all your prayers. And thanks to people like my wife and Shari who have already helped out tremendously.



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