Did you ever hear this statement? Have you ever heard a statement that is dumber?

“Where God guides, God provides.” Does this mean that if a project, like a mega-church, has His name on it, that means He was the one who wanted it built? No. Is money the only determining factor? No. Can a church be built for other reasons than God’s? Of course it can. Can a ministry not have money and still be God’s? Yes. So is this popular saying from God? No.

The corollary to this is “where Satan guides Satan provides.” If Satan wants something built, he can also provide for it. Duh. The proof of the legitimacy of a ministry is in how it conforms to His Word, not how much money it has. Let’s see. How many prophets of God had money? (Hint: none.) Mega-churches? (None again.) A nice car (or chariot)? (You guessed it – zippo.)

Did God not provide enough money to Jesus? Is that why He was killed? He had a few disciples who deserted Him at the end, and no money. Does this mean that God wasn’t guiding Jesus? See how stupid this bumper sticker Christian statement is?

I think in some ways God’s provision is exactly the opposite. If you don’t have money, or scads of acolytes, there’s a much greater chance that you are being guided by God.

The determining factor is the Word, stupid.

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