Where Are the People to Stand in the Gap?

From the book, ‘Whole Bible Christianity.’
I see a lot of people’s web sites that express all sorts of seemingly ‘loving’ statements like “Jesus is my bestest friend and goodest buddy.” But where are the people to stand in the gap? Will the people who call themselves after His Name cut and run at the first sign of trouble? If I am wrong, then I need help. But where is the help? Where is the Scripture? Where are the solid answers?

Has Christianity sunk so low that instead of boldly proclaiming the truth and suffering persecution for it we have turned into a bunch of whining crybabies who retreat behind our stained glass windows to suck our thumbs because somebody said something to ‘hurt our feelings?’

(Check out this article by Dave Daubenmire from a few years ago title ‘Good for Nothing Christianity’ for part of the inspiration behind these comments.


Fear of God

Another selection from ‘Whole Bible Christianity’
Our one God has a scary side that we don’t talk much about anymore.
20Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid; for God has come in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that you may not sin.” (Exodus 20:20 NASB95)

The Scriptures have many admonitions for His people (actually people everywhere) to “fear” Him. The Law was written down so that His people would learn fear of Him (Deuteronomy 4:10, 14:23, 17:19, 31:13). “Don’t be afraid” here means believers don’t have to fear destruction at His approach, but we should keep a little of it so “that the fear of Him remain(s) with you” (basically the same Hebrew word). Fear motivates even the most reluctant.

Jesus is not a pacifist. He was meek at His incarnation because that was what the Father wanted from Him at that time. When He comes back, it will not be with roses and chocolates. He will bring a sharp sword and a rod of iron (Revelation 19:14-16, 21). The Word will come back with His army, speaking God’s Word (the sword) and crushing resistance (rod of iron – Psalm 2:9). His rod and staff (the Word of God) will comfort His people (Psalm 23:4) and He will destroy iniquity (lawlessness). The Law will again go forth from Zion.

Lots of teachers try to soft-soap this concept. They tone down the terror part of fear and play up the ‘reverence’ and ‘respect’ aspects. All of these are part of the fear of God, but especially the terror part. Not a blind, unreasoning terror that overwhelms us. Just a healthy terror of knowing exactly what God can and will do to evildoers. “Fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).

There is nothing wrong with being a little terrified of God. Usually it’s only people with faith who are capable of being terrified anyway. People with seared consciences aren’t generally afraid enough. A part of His being can and does terrify creation. If you’ve ever been in a fierce thunderstorm or an earthquake, the kind where you have to change your shorts afterwards, you know what I mean. It would behoove us to pay more attention to that part, in addition to expressing the reverence and respect He deserves.

Benefits of Whole Bible Christianity book

So what’s in ‘Whole Bible Christianity’ for you?

Freedom. Identity. Touching God. Fruit of the Spirit. Peace. Freedom will come when you realize that all of the Word is yours. God’s Word in your life will set boundaries which promote safety and security, while acting also as defenses against those who would make you give up His blessings. If you want to rest on Saturday as God commanded, you can do it and no one using church tradition or philosophies of men can take it from you. This is the true meaning of Colossians 2:16.

Your identity as a child in God’s household will be plain and rock solid, whether you go to a church or not. No one will be able to tell you that if you don’t go to church, or their church, you are not in the body of Christ. If you can’t attend, because they won’t let you due to your insistence on following the Word, or because of their hypocrisy, you can still enjoy intimacy with your Father and Messiah. Every time you choose not to eat pork or shellfish, you reinforce your identity as His son or daughter. Your identity is not tied up in a church or in Judaism, but in Him.

As you weave each of His commands into the fabric of your life the threads of intimacy between you and your Father will be many and real and ever stronger. Touching God, and God touching you, will be a daily occurrence. Fruit of the Spirit follows a whole Bible way of life, naturally popping out all over, because His Word resides in your new heart of flesh. The proof is in your pursuit of His ways. The end result of all this will be the peace of the presence of God. He is where His Word is; where people are worshiping Him in Spirit and truth.

Don’t have to follow the Law?

From the book ‘Whole Bible Christianity’

One of the first knee-jerk responses a whole Bible Christian will get when sharing these opinions with a group of standard Christians is, “We don’t have to follow the Law. It’s not a salvation issue.” My response is, “So let me get this straight. God is born into a human body, suffers in all ways as we do for around 30 years, dodges people trying to kill Him when He’s only a couple years old, gets to preaching about repentance and love only to be arrested on trumped up charges and executed in the most horrible, torturous fashion available at the time even though He was completely blameless. My question is did He have to?”

No, Jesus didn’t “have to” do those things. He did it because He loved us. If it could’ve been done any other way He’d of done it that way. “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as you will.” Whole Bible Christians echo our Messiah and say, “Not as I will, but as you will.” In all things. He loved us so much He left His glory in heaven shared with the Father and submitted to some miserable things in life. But He did it willingly, because of His gracious love.

Now, all you spiritual rocket scientists tell me again how “we don’t have to” copy our Messiah and do as our loving and gracious heavenly Father instructs. The Law is not a “salvation issue?” It’s not a tiny way to return the love our Father and Messiah lavish on us? Are you kidding me?


Some struggle to see the Word or parts of the Word as relevant in their lives. The center of this struggle is not the Word, but the self. Confusion is caused when we refuse His plain teaching. All of His Word is relevant to our lives in every way. Every word He speaks is as relevant as a heartbeat. If relevance is hard to find, it’s more likely due to church dogma or the condition of a person’s heart.

His word does not age or fade away; it does not change or fall apart. People, on the other hand, easily change, fade, age and harden. We move away from the Word but the Word, like bedrock, never moves. Circumstances change; people die, but the Word of the Lord and its relevance lives forever (Matthew 24:35).

The Word is one complete book of living oracles (one faith) given to all people by our one God and Savior Jesus the Christ. It is not ‘old’ and ‘new’ in the sense of outdated and updated, nor is any part of it irrelevant. It contains a great deal of wisdom, but it is not a book of disconnected wise sayings. It is full of many practical life instructions, but it is not a book of suggestions. It is a puzzle book to the lawless (1 Corinthians 1:18) yet plain and easy to understand for the humble and obedient heart.

Never were under the Law

I’ve got some news for you. We never were ‘under the law.’ Humans have always been ‘under grace.’ Certain people try to get ‘under the law’ like Adam and Eve got under fig leaves. But that doesn’t mean law has gone away. The law has always been with us, just as grace always has. Grace and law go together. They are both from the same living and loving God. Law is supposed to be in our hearts, not over our heads.