Where Are the People to Stand in the Gap?

From the book, ‘Whole Bible Christianity.’
I see a lot of people’s web sites that express all sorts of seemingly ‘loving’ statements like “Jesus is my bestest friend and goodest buddy.” But where are the people to stand in the gap? Will the people who call themselves after His Name cut and run at the first sign of trouble? If I am wrong, then I need help. But where is the help? Where is the Scripture? Where are the solid answers?

Has Christianity sunk so low that instead of boldly proclaiming the truth and suffering persecution for it we have turned into a bunch of whining crybabies who retreat behind our stained glass windows to suck our thumbs because somebody said something to ‘hurt our feelings?’

(Check out this article by Dave Daubenmire from a few years ago title ‘Good for Nothing Christianity’ for part of the inspiration behind these comments.