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Whole Bible Christianity - the book.

The Law of Moses integrated into Christian theology and living.

Recommended by Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

Photo of Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr."Whole Bible Christianity is a wonderfully refreshing down to earth description of our Christian faith right where the rubber meets the road. I commend it for all who want to have an enjoyable time thinking through what the Word of God has to say on a multitude of everyday topics. It is strong on the Word and that is what we need to end the famine of the Word of God in our times."

Dr. Kaiser (www.walterckaiserjr.com) is a respected professor of the Old Testament and President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Ethics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, MA. He is also the author of a number of excellent books such as Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics: The Search for Meaning; The Promise Plan of God: A Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments; and Recovering the Unity of the Bible: One Continuous Story, Plan and Purpose.

Freebies from the Law

Some people who call themselves Christian like to declare their "freedom from the Law." In reality, they are declaring freedom from such things as touching God, fruit of the Spirit, and peace. We cannot have these things without having all of His Word. When we get God we get the whole package. All of them. Every word they speak. All God's blessings are tied up in all of His Words. So "freedom from the Law" really means slavery to the world.

Searching for God

If you think "the church" as all the answers, then you won't like or need our book. But if you've figured out that the church is more into the church than the Word of God, we may be able to help. Our searching for God led us through standard, fruitless "church" doctrine and right back to the Word. When we found His Word, including His Laws, we found Him. It's really simple. Read all of His Words and do them, and the fruit of His Spirit will pop out all over. it will increase your faith, make it stronger, and and answer a lot of those questions for which you are trying to find answers.

Whole Bible Christianity by Bruce Scott Bertram

The key to the heartAccording to studies, confirmed by general experience, only 1 in 10 Christians believe the Bible is absolute truth. Consequently, the whole Word of God is simply not being taught like it should. The results are that the church does not look much different than the world with all of its problems. We need to forsake ‘seeker friendly’ and ‘spiritual but not religious’ teachings and consume His body and blood, which is the whole of the Word. ‘Whole Bible Christianity’ presents an alternative rediscovered from the Word which takes the reader back to one God, one Lord, one Body, and one Faith. People who wear His name need to repent and return to the Word as absolute truth, read it, and heed it. Including and especially, what is known as The Law.

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What Will the book 'Whole Bible Christianity' Do For You?

"Whole Bible Christianity is a wonderfully refreshing down to earth description of our Christian faith right where the rubber meets the road. I commend it for all who want to have an enjoyable time thinking through what the Word of God has to say on a multitude of everyday topics. It is strong on the Word and that is what we need to end the famine of the Word of God in our times." Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

Freedom. Identity. Touching God. Fruit of the Spirit. Peace. Freedom will come when you realize that all of the Word is yours. God’s Word in your life will set boundaries which promote safety and security, while acting also as defenses against those who would make you give up His blessings. If you want to rest on Saturday as God commanded, you can do it and no one using church tradition or philosophies of men can take it from you. This is the true meaning of Colossians 2:16.

Your identity as a child in God’s household will be plain and rock solid, whether you go to a church or not. No one will be able to tell you that if you don't go to church, or their church, you are not in the body of Christ. If you can't attend, because they won't let you due to your insistence on following the Word, or because of their hypocrisy, you can still enjoy intimacy with your Father and Messiah. Every time you choose not to eat pork or shellfish, you reinforce your identity as His son or daughter. Your identity is not tied up in a church or in Judaism, but in Him.

As you weave each of His commands into the fabric of your life the threads of intimacy between you and your Father will be many and real and ever stronger. Touching God, and God touching you, will be a daily occurrence. Fruit of the Spirit follows a whole Bible way of life, naturally popping out all over, because His Word resides in your new heart of flesh. The proof is in your pursuit of His ways. The end result of all this will be the peace of the presence of God. He is where His Word is; where people are worshiping Him in Spirit and truth.

Whole Bible Christianity simplifies walking with God and producing the fruit of the Spirit. It will strengthen faith with the best discipleship system ever devised, which is God’s Living Oracle. Bruce shows how to easily connect with God in more intimate ways on a minute-by-minute basis, simply by trading all of His heart for all of yours. Whole Bible Christianity clears up the cracked picture of God and His Word by showing the unity of the Bible message, with over 700 verses directly quoted along with keys to understanding and walking the Word as a whole.

Searching people will want this book because it is in contrast to unsatisfying modern church teachings. There are lots of people (George Barna estimated 20 million at one point) who are Christians but do not go to church. They’re turned off by hypocritical soft-soaped seeker friendly social justice teachings contrary to the Bible. They’re hungry and thirsty and wandering in a desert of ear-tickling messages. They are looking for the real thing. ‘Whole Bible Christianity’ will reassure them that the Bible is the real thing, and all they have to do is read it and do it.

In an age when the constant hammering on the authority and absolute truth of God’s Word has become deafening, ‘Whole Bible Christianity’ takes a stand against the ‘spiritual but not religious’ teachings current in the church, and decries the false idea of ‘social justice’ that is replacing biblical truth for many. Bruce advocates reading and heeding the whole of the Word as the body and blood of Jesus, including the Law with its feasts and helps for daily living.

About the Author

Bruce Scott Bertram, rebel without a pause, was in and out of foster homes, had six stepdads and was adopted at 14. He’s been through 15 churches in 10 denominations, from Catholic to Protestant to Messianic. Still married to his beautiful (and long suffering) wife Susan after 37 years, he has two kids, four grandkids and he has built three businesses from scratch. Self-educated through college level, he helped grow two churches, was a youth leader twice and an elder once. He’s been told he could pass ordination exams but prefers to stay free so he can keep asking the questions that need to be asked.

His continuing studies took him to seminars with Josh McDowell and Bruce Wilkinson (Walk through the Bible) in the late 1970’s, and he later self-studied his way through a college-level education with books such as ‘Chafer Systematic Theology’ by Lewis Sperry Chafer (the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary) and ‘Christianity through the Centuries’ by Earle E. Cairns in the early 1980’s. He took seminary-level classes from Tim Hegg of Torah Resource, looked at the two-house teachings, and worked his way through textbooks such as Toward an Old Testament Theology and The Promise Plan of God by Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr., Protestant Bible Interpretation by Bernard Ramm, and An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics by Moises Silva and Dr. Walter C. Kaiser Jr. Most recently he spent a few years evaluating the Messianic movement through writings, seminars and congregation visits. At the present time he and his family are not part of a particular church, but not by choice. After you read his book you might understand why.

More about the author can be found on the About page of this website. Feel free also to browse more of his writings in our old blog Berea, our new blog Whole Bible Christian or go to the Articles by Bruce Scott Bertram page.


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Whole Bible Christianity Cover Art

Proclaiming the Word

You may have noticed the background for most of our web pages. It is original artwork by an artist here in Grand Junction that worked with Bruce's concepts, mixed them with some of his own ideas, and the result is fantastic. It is designed to show the fusion of God's plan from a whole Bible perspective. We are using it on the website as well as a thumbnail for some of our videos. But it was developed mainly for use as a cover for our book Whole Bible Christianity.

Proclaiming the Word

The title of the picture is Proclaiming the Word. It is designed so that you have to look at it a while to see everything. Moses is on the left receiving the Ten Words or tablets with the Ten Commandments on them (a picture of the Christ). Below him is the split rock with water coming out (another picture of the Christ). To the right of the split rock is the burning bush, and yet another picture of Christ. In the middle of the scene is a suggestion of Jesus with a crown of thorns, and a shadow of a skull representing Golgotha, the hill of the Skull, where Jesus was crucified. The mountain itself is Mt. Sinai with fire and smoke and lightening at the top.

 The blending of Golgotha with Mt. Sinai is on purpose. Remember this is showing the fusion of God's plan. To the right are three crosses, with the middle one streaming blood dripping down through a crack in the rock on the Ark of the Covenant in the tomb which housed Jesus briefly. A lamb is on the right of the crosses, meaning of course another side of Jesus both before and after resurrection. The shadow figures in front of the tomb are modeled on my present immediate family blowing shofars proclaiming this message. From left to right they are my daughter Lynette, her husband Eric, their daughter Raine, another daughter Cassidy, my son Chris, me, our other grand daughter Keira, my wife Susan, and our grand son Isaiah. We are shown as shadows because we are not the point, and we wanted other people to be able to see themselves in there too. In the back on the right is another type of Christ as Noah's Ark.

The merging of Mt. Sinai with the other mount, Golgotha, is intended to show that Jesus was the one who gave the Law, and He was the one who filled it full of love at the cross. It's all one message. His blood paid for human betrayal and disobedience to His own Word and makes it possible for us to return to God. His Words are life, given not only at Mt. Sinai but also at the (second) Sermon on the Mount as well as the hill of the skull and many other places. The gospel is the good news that God is with us, which is why it is said that the gospel was preached at Mt. Sinai - God was going to be "with us" or dwell with His people.

There are many symbols of Jesus in the Bible, from the leather garments custom made by Jesus in the Garden for Adam and Eve, to Noah's Ark, to the torch and pot of Abraham, to Jacob's ladder, the Akeidah (Genesis 22 and 23), the burning bush, the Passover lamb, the pillar of cloud and pillar of flame, the split rock for water, the Tabernacle, the manna, and on and on. We just didn't have the money to include them all in the picture. The point is made that The Promise of God is all through the Word and all around us. His Law is a beautiful way to bring Him into our lives, just as we eat manna or the bread of life.

Whole Bible Christianity Chapter/Video List

Over the time of writing our book Whole Bible Christianity, as the text was edited and improved the chapter headings changed. When we started our Youtube channel we were still editing and improving so some video titles don't match up to the newer book chapter headings. Some of the video material is also a little different than the final form of the book. We apologize for any confusion.

Here we present a list of the current book chapter headings with links to the website page chapters and the proper video for each. We also include Playlist links because we have videos other than those from the book too. When we started the video channel some of the writing of articles went by the wayside and we just did videos, and sometimes we combine subjects from the book into one heading.

So happy reading and happy viewing. If you see something that doesn't line up let us know.


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