Part Bible Church Power Failure

Chapter 1, A Part Bible church, ‘Whole Bible Christianity’

There are four reasons for why I call the church a part Bible kind of church. First, there’s a power failure. When we get together in groups we need a few rules, but formal organizations tend to drift, and they don’t correct easily. We’ve got a situation very similar to the first century when Jesus and the apostles contended with the Pharisees and Sadducees. Second, the teaching is empty. People are either leaving or not coming into the church because the thin gruel of watered down Bible truth doesn’t connect people to God. Third, the church by and large elevates tradition and dogma over the plain reading of the Word. We have to get endless explanations from the leaders to match what they say with the Word, and end up memorizing dogma instead of God’s living oracles. Fourth, the part Bible church literally splits up the Word and parcels it out, taking the blessings for themselves and forcing others (the Jews) to take the curses. Chapters and verses make it easy to separate teachings better left together. ‘Old’ and ‘new’ are convenient ways to ignore the parts we don’t like. ‘Red letters’ make it seem like we’re really focused on “important” pieces when really it just makes it easier to redefine words granting ourselves permission to sin.