Shower Curtain Philosophy

We got a new shower curtain recently. Nice design, on sale for a fraction of normal price. It has some words and phrases on it that are, I guess, supposed to encourage and enlighten us. When reading them however I can’t help but see how empty and worldly they are. Why? Because they are godless. Read them and see if you see the same.

Dream, and never lose faith in what could be.
Imagine what could be accomplished if doubt and fear were cast aside.
Create the future with positive thoughts.
Breathe, relax and center yourself.
Inspire others to be their best and to follow their heart.

I don’t know. They’re nice thoughts, and the best the world can offer. But how hollow they are without God! How can one dream without God? Can we have “faith” that is so meaningless? Cast aside doubt and fear? How do we do that without God? Create? A future that is empty of God? Where then would the “positive thoughts” come from? Breathe, relax and center yourself on what? Yourself? How terribly useless that would be! Inspire others to be their best? Their best….what? We are all dust, and to dust we will return. Any inspiration without God will likewise return to the ash heap of wasted effort. Follow their heart? Follow it where? In circles?

Instead of lofty rhetoric and feel-good phrases suitable for bumper stickers, what we need to do is dream of God and place our faith in Him. Trust Him and follow every word He speaks. Imagine that Jesus the Christ has removed the reasons for doubt and fear and replaced them with a new heart of flesh written with His Words. Use the heart He has Created beating with love for Him to think and meditate on His Word daily. Center ourselves on Him and peaceful relaxation will follow. Inspiration for “best” comes naturally on the heels of working out our faith with fear and trembling, following every command daily as the Spirit inspires us on to greater intimacy and love for our God and father Jesus haMashiach.

Shower curtain philosophy, indeed! I’d rather have the body and blood of my Messiah residing in the living oracles of the only wise and true God. With Him I can dream, imagine, create, breath, and inspire to heights undreamed of and outside of the imagination of mere mortals.