We are getting ready for our lamb barbecue tomorrow night, looking forward to spending time showing love for God by doing as He commands His people to do. We touch God and touch each other in an intimate fellowship that goes way past the physical markers and deep into a spiritual connection. His love flows to us, and our love flows back and between. We remember what God has done for His people, is doing, and will do. Remember means to speak or act on behalf of someone, which is why we can “remember” the future promises of God.

Some are speaking of the “blood moons” that will appear on this Passover and the Tabernacles celebration this year, as well as the same two holidays next year. I’m not big into that stuff, but it probably has some significance. Coupled with the increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, and cultural degradation, we can definitely see that labor pains for the world are increasing. Maintaining our love for God through His commands is coming under attack at a greater intensity, but He said a “falling away” would happen before the end. Therefore be encouraged and keep your faith strong, standing on the Rock of His Word and our Savior Jesus the Christ.

I feel sorry for those who do not participate in God’s holidays, either because they just don’t follow God or because they classify His living oracles as “old” or “outdated” or for another group besides believers. Paradise awaits a change from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh, sensitive and trembling at His Word. All it takes is humble obedience to find out the nature of real love and spiritual renewal and refreshment. I feel sorry for those who choose their own way, like Cain, substituting their own understanding for God’s Word and offering slovenly disobedience through physical symbols such as ham and bunnies. The symbols show the disobedience in the balance of their lives, corrupt and unclean and spurning the love that is waiting. Compromise shows its fruit in sexual immorality and unfruitfulness through acceptance of behavior God said would cause death. No wonder they are known for hypocrisy. One cannot practice hate for God in trashing His commands and expect God to accept the resulting uncleanness using the cosmic eraser of Jesus. If we harbor iniquity in our hearts, our offerings mean nothing. “If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.” (Genesis 4:7)

Rejoice, children of God. Look up for our redemption draweth nigh. Stand strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Pursue righteousness through humble submission to every word of His glorious instructions. Hold fast to the hope He has given, practicing as best we can every tiny utterance from our loving God and Savior Jesus our Messiah. Eat His body and drink His blood, taking in every breath from God through His Word and breathing it back to Him. Rejoice as our meager offerings of obedience gain His regard and we find acceptance in Him because of our love and practice of His Word.


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  1. The kitchen has been getting it’s annual over-haul the past couple of weeks. I know it’s tradition, but I think it’s a great one – and it really motivates me to get the kitchen wiped down from top to bottom. It’s a process where I go from the top, using the vacuum to get up dust and chunks, then sprays and wiping down. As I clean, I pull out kitchen items that I do not use or have used in the past year. While I’m cleaning, I’m thinking of Passover and what it means. What I love about cleaning out the kitchen is this: Sure, you can try and scrub and clean every speak of food out of your cabinets, but you are still using the kitchen as you go – so every time you turn around there might be more “leaven” or yeast you are using up and leaving behind. No matter how much you go back over it and try to clean it – ultimately you aren’t going to be able to clean it all out (at least, not without sealing off your kitchen before Passover!) It’s a great example and metaphor for how we can only be saved with the blood of the lamb and only he can clean out the whole “kitchen” and his ways can keep us pure.

    The kids and I will take our bread ends we have been saving for the past six months (we do this once at Passover and once at Tabernacles each year!) and we go and feed the ducks at a local pond. I like the idea of symbolically tossing away our sin to clean out our house (and the kids love to feed them – and the ducks love the treats! Win-win for everyone πŸ˜‰ )

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