Every once in a while, on a website other than Fox News, I’ll click on a link not knowing it will take me to Fox. Once I get there, I get a blocking pop up asking me to disable my ad blocker. I can’t see or read anything, but I don’t care. I just close the window. They’re not worth disabling my ad blocker for any reason.

If a website, especially a news website, wants to force me to watch their ads for Viagra I refuse. Any site that blocks me for whatever reason or is behind a paywall doesn’t deserve my attention. I just move on. News worth reading or viewing is going to be on many other websites where I can determine if they’re worth subscribing to or not. Usually these people don’t have reporters on the scene anyway, and just end up talking a lot about their opinions. I don’t need opinions, I need facts. I want to be educated, not inundated with ads for useless stuff I don’t even think about buying.

Fox News has descended into a People Magazine wannabe, and I certainly don’t get any news from that kind of stuff. I don’t know most of the newer celebrities because I haven’t watched cable TV in several decades. And I haven’t missed a thing, judging from the little that leaks out about them around the corners of my ad blocker. Celebrity opinions are the furthest thing from interesting or informative that I can think of. Just shut up and make movies, will you? And not the kind of schlock you’ve been putting out in recent years, either.

I know websites have to support themselves, and ads help them do it. But I’m not going to help them do it if they have content that stinks. If they have honest, factual content that educates and informs, I’ll send them a few bucks. I just hope that Fox puts up a paywall, because then they’ll lose most of their remaining viewers and no one will notice they’re gone.

Shalom, Bruce

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