Hanukah 2012 Day 5

Happy 5th Night of the Festival of Lights!!!! Head on out tonight to enjoy some of those “lights” decorated on everyone else’s house….just cause we don’t decorate too, doesn’t mean we can enjoy the pretty colors of the lights! It is a Festival of LIGHTS after all :).


Hanukah 2012 Day 4

Yes, we are at MT – if you happened to be wondering 😉 Happy 4th Night of Chanukah ya’ll!!! Hope you are having a great Festival of Lights!!!

When you feel like the only kid in town….without an x-mas tree….here are a list of people…just like YOU and ME 😉 (not really – but, ya know….)

Hanukah 2012 Day 1

From a friends status:
A few of the reasons we celebrate Hanukkah: To remind us not to compromise obedience to God’s Word, to fitting in with the world.
To remind us that it is better to worship God than obey man, even if that means death.
To remind us that our God is a God of miracles (in large things like military battles and small things like 8 days of oil)
To remind us that obedience in every moment is important and that we must leave our tomorrows in God’s hands and do what is required in THIS day.
To remind us that God does care about obedience as found in His Word.
To remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.

Hanukah 2012

HAPPY CHANUKAH (HANUKKAH)!!!!! However you spell it – hope you have a great Festival of Lights!!! First Night

Rock On with the rest of us!!! 🙂