It’s a God thing

Whole Bible Christian is a term that we came up with, sort of by running out of other names. We are believers in both Jesus as the Messiah and the whole of His Word, including His Law or Torah, as a discipleship method and lifestyle, motivated by love.

So we get rejected by the Jews because of Jesus, and rejected by the church because we live the Law.

But there is only one body, worshiping one God and one Lord with one faith.

You can see our menus are divided into Heart, Soul, and Mind sections. We realize, of course, that all of His Word is for all of our heart, mind, and soul. But we needed some short menu headings, and most of our content falls under one of those main headings or another. Sort of.

Regular reading and consistent doing feeds us and draws us closer to God and each other. Reading and doing all of what God gives us in His Living Oracles is not a Christian thing. It’s not a Jewish thing.

It’s a God thing.