Moving Videos to Rumble

Rumble is now the venue of choice for good content that is immune from the censoring of Youtube. A creator doesn’t have to worry about whether content is going to pass the arbitrary standards of fascists such as those that work for Google. So we are currently in the process of downloading all of our videos from our Youtube channel in order to upload them to the much better platform at Rumble. It’s going to take a while, because it’s a slow process, but eventually we will be using only Rumble for our videos. We will probably take down the Youtube channel and say a permanent goodbye as soon as the process is completed.

We also recommend buying a VPN such as NORDVPN to keep the governmental communists from being able to track everything you say and do on the web. We use the Brave internet browser and the search engine to further insure that our privacy is protected.

It feels so refreshing just to write these things.