Review of Peppermint, The Movie

I decided to start using this blog to review products, movies and music because so many other websites are trying to control the reviews. There are too many thought police out there, including Amazon, news organizations, and social media. So to hell with them (eventually) and I’m going to start with a review of the movie Peppermint, which was rejected by Amazon the ruthless. Probably because we referred to the best news site around and the source of truthful facts, Breitbart.

We bought Peppermint (the movie) on a recommendation from John Nolte over at the real news website He was right on with his review. My son and I laughed quite a bit, but not because it was a bad movie. It was because all the bad guys get it like they should. I’m normally leery of action movies with female leads because they do so many things that in real life they couldn’t do. You have to suspend some disbelief for movies anyway, but in this movie Jennifer Garner makes the female lead much more believable. As Nolte points out in his review which you can read at, the critics panned it but the people who count (that would be everyday people) like it.

Here we are not so narrow-minded.

So there, Amazon and other thought-controllers. Stick that in your bong and smoke it. Everyone else, tell us, do you think it deserved to be trashed?