‘Whole Bible Christianity’ chapter 1 section on ‘Salvation by Love’

There are people who argue over ‘salvation by grace through faith’ as opposed to ‘salvation by faith plus works.’ ‘Salvation by faith’ focuses on man. Then you get into all kinds of debates about whether the will of man is “free” or whether it is too depraved to do anything. ‘Salvation by faith plus works’ puts the focus on merit. Then you get into all kinds of debates about which ‘works’ are going to get the job done, or what is a work of the flesh, or legalism versus God’s grace and the cross.

I propose what I think is the biblical alternative – ‘salvation by love.’ Perhaps we can even say salvation by love through love. Salvation by love means that God loved us and acted on it, and we love Him and act on His Word. It’s that simple. Debates ended. (Well, the debates aren’t ended, but it leaves a lot of people without a biblical basis for arguing). If we just read the Word (and do it) we would easily solve a lot of these types of theological issues.

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